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Roni Schmidt

After an extremely fulfilling career of 30+ years in the PVF industry, I decided to make a change. There are a lot of us that feel this way as we approach 50. I didn’t want to drive to Orange County or Los Angeles and I was looking for better benefits and a nice retirement plan. There are not a lot of PVF houses in the Inland Empire. I knew that I would miss my customers, whom were also my friends and I learned most of what I know from them.

I’d worked 10 yrs and then 16 yrs with 2 different employers, and change was not in my vocabulary. I also did a variety of jobs ranging from will call, warehouse, order desk, purchasing, Assistant Manager and outside sales. In my outside sales function I specialized in vendor managed inventories, which I did for most of my career. I took the leap and made the change.

I went to work selling advertising in a very bad economy. I still made the income I had been making with my last employer and had much better benefits. I also enjoyed my customers! The problem was, I only called on my customers once or twice a year and really missed route selling where I was needed by the client several times a month. Many of my old PVF customers kept in touch and every one of them would ask “When are you getting back in the industry?” I realized that selling advertising wasn’t the job for me.

After stating I was going to get back into the industry to a few friends, I had multiple job offers on the table. Within 2 weeks one of those offers turned into an opportunity to be a partner. Thank you Tom and Tony.

It didn’t take long to put the corporation together and move forward. The experience of the other 2 partners made it easy to get going. It was my job to find the bank. With a sound business and our extensive industry experience it didn’t take long to secure funding. ASAP Industrial Supply moved into their building in October of 2008.

It just feels like home. Of the vendors that have helped us get started Thomas Perez at Stockham Valve was the first. Our customers that are glad we are here and it just feels right. The atmosphere is enlightening. We are moving fast and having fun doing it. Tony, Tom and I have made a good, sound decision in ASAP.

The addition of dedicated and qualified employees includes;

Keith Travis, Warehouse Supervisor Diane Blackburn, Outside Sales Hank Taylor, Outside Sales Bob Robinson, Outside Sales Raphael Rodriguez, Driver & Inside Sales Trainee And lastly our dear friend (who came out of retirement) Don Hensley.

We are thankful to have the honor of working along side each and every one of these dedicated individuals.

Our future plans include the addition of ASAP’s 2nd location by 2014.

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