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Tony Abeling.

Having spent 30 years in the PVF industry with my previous company it became quite clear as COO that the new President and I had very different views on the future direction of the company. After much consideration the decision was made to cash out my stock and step away from the PVF industry.

A wonderful opportunity presented itself and I went into the Yacht & Ship sales industry. It gave me time to clear my head, take a step back and enjoy a life long passion. Having offices in San Pedro & Newport overlooking the water isn't a bad way to go. Then along came the rising fuel prices followed directly by the start of our current financial melt down.

I'd kept in touch with Roni Schmidt whom I'd worked with at the previous company for 13 years. Roni was one of the most successful sales reps we had. She had also become restless and, seeking greener pastures, went to another industry for a couple of years. During this time we stayed in touch as old friends do. She got the itch to get back into the PVF industry and called to one day to catch up and asked "Have you sold any yachts lately?" I said no and she suggested we go start our own PVF company. I told her I'd give it some thought. She called the following month and asked again "Did you sell anything this month?" I replied that I hadn't and she said "It's time you got a real job!" Since I'd not sold anything in the past 2 months with nothing on the horizon I decided it was worth investigating.

Developing sales territories which resulted in additional braches as I did for my previous company was a challenge that I missed. The opportunity to do it again was compelling. To summarize, we found a 3rd partner, found the perfect location, and found a bank to back our venture, not a small feat given the economic environment.

We've now completed our third year in business and it's been a great adventure. We're paying off our bank note, growing our business and having a wonderful time doing it. We can't thank our clients and suppliers enough for their support.

ASAP has made great strides in the market. We've forged new relationships with suppliers and manufacturers that share our goal to continually grow our businesses, increase sales & capture additional market share.

We're currently looking at a new branch in 2014.

Somehow things just seem to work out.

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